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The American ‘Big Smoke BBQ’ Restaurant Launches in Tbilisi

Big Smoke BBQ Restaurant

Amidst the eclectic restaurants adorning the Beliashvili street of Tbilisi, the American Big Smoke BBQ restaurant invites you into its homely walls.

In 2012, following the astonishment with America’s delicious smoked chicken burgers, ­­ Nikoloz Kiknadze and his American business partner began establishing the Tbilisi Big Smoke BBQ restaurant. The partners launched the restaurant after dedicating a year to meticulously studying the Georgian restaurant industry.


Inspired by the culinary charm of the American state of Kentucky, Big Smoke BBQ serves a variety of dishes. ­­Levan Sikharulidze is the Georgian executive chef of the restaurant. He was trained by professional Kentucky-state chefs.


Additionally, to emphasize the Kentucky-state influence on the restaurant, the logo was designed to represent the original Native-American residents of Kentucky.

Big Smoke BBQ prides itself for owning unique smokers in all of Tbilisi and the entire Caucasus region.

“We have extraordinary smokers only available at Big Smoke BBQ. Therefore, we offer products that no one else can,” Kiknadze said.

Moreover, the restaurant  imports all of its products solely from the United States. This includes additional seasonings, such as vinegar, and chief components, such as meat.

Their signature dishes involve savory and succulent BBQ Pork Ribs and BBQ Chicken complimented with “Black Sauce”- a flavorful dip. Within 8-16 hours, the smoke emitting from the smokers meticulously cooks the meat to tenderness. Thus the brand name “Big Smoke BBQ”.

Furthermore, the traditional aspect of America inspired the warm interior of the restaurant. This involves a long bar serving delicious beverages and dim lights dancing across the room. Additionally, the restaurant offers invigorating football T.V shows by requests and 8 p.m. live bands performing on Saturdays and Sundays.

Moreover, according to Kiknadze, “We have a large American customer-base that really enjoy the restaurant. This is where they feel at home.” “Last year, we had a Thanksgiving celebration for our customers. We will definitely host the celebration this year again,” he added.

Big Smoke BBQ introduces the cultural diversity of the Kentucky state into Georgia. It allows the chance to experience food imported directly from the United States and cooked on unique smokers. Moreover, the snug environment allows maximum enjoyment of the performing live bands and T.V football shows.

By: Maria Bakh