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Bakko- A Georgian Girl with Amazing Voice from New Jersey

In 90s, many Georgians immigrated to foreign countries because of difficult social-economic reasons.  One generation was practically already raised there. There are lots of talents among this generation and Barbare Mchedlishvili, known as Bakko is one of them. After recording covers of a lot of famous songs, Georgian musician talks about her future plans.

Who is a Bakko, when and why did she leave Georgia and where does she live now?

Bakko is Barbare Mchedlishvili, author and singer who lives in New Jersey now. I left Georgian in 1999, when I was 6 years old. I travelled to the US with my parents and 2 brothers.

Who influenced you to become interested in Hip Hop culture?

I started to take an interest in hip hop when I was 12-13. I was influenced by bands such as The Digable Planets, Pharcyde and ATQO. After that I found out about the legendary musicians and heard about Souls of Mischief, Black Sheep and De la Soul. I started to respect this culture and became more interested in it.

When you are back to Tbilisi, you organize Gym sessions with local bands like Misho Urushadze and Cutkill (Amiko Ninua). Do you plan collaborative project with them?


I would love to work with them. I am waiting for the moment when I am back to Georgia. It was very pleasant working with them. It was a music and positive energy at the same time. There were no rules, which gave us space for improvisation. Misho has a big musical education and it was an inspiration for me. I missed this band very much.

There are lots of talents in Georgia and I’m happy I have friends here.

Last year, you released an EP “7 Colors” which was quite popular. What will you tell us about future release? Are you planning to release a new album?

I released only few soundtracks from our project. I just had an agreement with producer and I am recording new songs. I experiment a lot what kind of music I want to create. I’m happy that I work with a lot of talented people and learn a lot from them.

Are you planning to come back to Georgia to organize a musical evening?

I am definitely going to go to Georgia in the future.  The musical stage is developing there now and Jazz community is also very big there.