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Art House – Charge Yourself with Positive Energy

Brush, canvas, string, piano key, book… Art House – space, where you can find any instrument to entertain, work, relax, charge yourself with positive energy and then share this energy with your friends.

Art House – a place for the best start. We all gather there to continue later.

There is a free work space for everyone, any freelancer can come and spend whole day comfortably and work in this cozy atmosphere. It’s called Art House – The Place to Meet.

The place to meet – with this slogan has entered new free space, where any person can realize their interests and goals, where the artist is the creator, businessman and scientist at the same time.

This building, where the House is, has many wings for all ages and taste visitors, with a sports club and comfortable spaces for training or professional activities. The menu is varied, with delicious and healthy dishes. There is a separate hall for those who love feasts.

The most universal is Publica – the American bar-lounge, a mixture of popcorn cinnamon and brandy aroma, and also huge choice of cocktails.

This place is not noisy; the music is tasteful; the mood is joyful, Kentucky, Burbon, barbeque, – it doesn’t include all the accessories of American Dream, but there are all the conditions to feel oneself in a real American lounge.

You have all the conditions to hold a business meeting, or watch an old movie with your good friend. It does not matter if you go together or not.

Not only the interior and the internet create this atmosphere, the music is really important in here. Thursday is a jazz day, this music has other energy and power, it can make you feel the eternity of the pleasant seconds.

There in Publica are held cognitive and educational events, Public(A) Talks, performances, electronic and classical music evenings.

Art House also has a few other objects for lunch in the warm, cozy space with gastronomic experiments.