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April 14 - Georgian Language Day

April 14 – Georgian Language Day

“The language strengthens the state, and the state strengthens the language” – it’s a well-known phrase, which is a proof of Georgia’s care for its primary force – the development of the its state language.

The functioning of the Georgian language in various aspects of social life is regulated by the Georgian legislation (constitution, Parliament regulations, codes, laws, resolutions, decrees, and orders).

Our country protects its state language and evidently controls its proper usage. In particular, one of the main conditions for registering Georgia’s basic acting documents (Strict Registration forms, birth certificates, marriage certificates, identity cards, different types of registration certificates, the administrative violation reports, higher, vocational or secondary educational documents, and etc.) is the consent to the linguistic accuracy with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia ( “Strict Registration forms” first paragraph of First Act in Georgian Constitution).

Nowadays, Georgian language like other languages in highly developed countries, are taught in three directions: Georgian – the native language, Georgian – the secondary language, and Georgian – the foreign language.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is actively working on developing these areas, as well as assisting with with the learning process of the state language and increasing its popularity.

Knowing the state language is a vital condition for the civil integration of Georgia’s non-Georgian speaking citizens.

In parallel, with maintaining the native languages for the ethnic minorities, the Ministry of Education and Science is implementing several programs to provide them with the knowledge of Georgian as a secondary language. In this respect, it is important to mention the role and contribution of LEPL – National Center for Teacher Professional Development and LEPL –  Zurab Zhvania School of State Administration to this cause.

In order to promote and help the foreigners to learn the Georgian language, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia implemented a special program – “Irbakhi”, which laid a foundation for the establishment of Georgian as a foreign language, thus becoming an important academic discipline.

Additionally, within the scope of this program, there are numerous events organized, in conjunction with creating different types of educational-methodical and/or auxiliary material. In addition, the material is placed on the following website (www.geofl.ge) and is available for everyone. Moreover, the material is updated regularly and since April 14, 2015 the website attracted more than 28,000 users from around the world.

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia continues to strive for the development of the above-mentioned directions, for it is one of the main priorities to take care of the Georgian language.