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Alabama Legislator Angry That “State of Georgia” Allowed in Olympics

Friday afternoon, Alabama State Senator Fred Q. Calhoun, published an open letter to the International Olympic Committee’s President, Thomas Bach, complaining that it was unfair for the committee to allow only one U.S. state to participate as an independent team in this year’s Summer Olympic Games.

“As I was watching last night’s Olympic games with my family, I was stunned to see that Georgia was permitted to participate as an independent entity,” penned the freshman lawmaker.

“Alabama athletes are among the world’s most talented and passionate competitors…  On behalf of the nearly 5 million people who call the Yellow Hammer State home, we request that Alabama be allowed to compete in future Olympic games — just as you’ve permitted the State of Georgia to do,” concluded the state senator.

Though the ICC has not provided an official response to the legislator’s letter, Calhoun’s complaint was published onto his office’s official Facebook page, where support for the senator’s idea seems to be growing — at least within the State of Alabama.

Sic: “Thank you for always standing up 4 us…  For them bunch of communists running the Olympics to allow UGA to field teams and not Alabama is jsut wrong. Glad your seating them strait.” commented one Facebook fan of the lawmaker.

When contacted, Saturday morning, athletic officials from the State of Georgia said they were not aware that the state even had an Olympic team, but told US Daily Mail reporters, “If we do have a team, we certainly want to wish them great success in Rio… Let’s bring home the gold!”


Updated #1:

Caucasus Business Week: Approximately 100 000 people have seen this article at usdailymail.com, which reveals to be a humor website and the stories they publish are not factual.  There is no state senator Fred Q. Calhoun in Alabama as well. However recently famous publishing si.com, which is visited by millions of people everyday (Sports Illustrated) named Georgia among the best dressed countries. 

Updated #2:

US Ambassy in Georgia made a statement on behalf of article published at US Daily Mail.

US Embassy in Georgia: Many Americans Confuse Republic of Georgia with US State of Georgia, But no Alabama Senator

The US Embassy in Georgia has released a special statement to refuse the information spread by the US Daily Mail news portal as if an Alabama State Senator had confused the republic of Georgia with the US State of Georgia.

The statement reads: “Many Americans Confuse Republic of Georgia with US State of Georgia, But no Alabama Senator”.
A fake news article reported an Alabama legislator complained that the ‘state of Georgia’ was allowed to compete at the Olympics.

On 13 August 2016, the US Daily Mail web site published an article reporting that Alabama senator Fred Q. Calhoun had penned an open letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) because he was upset that the state of Georgia, but not other states (such as Alabama), was allowed to compete in the Olympic games:

This story was just a fabrication, however — the country of Georgia’s Olympic team was not confused by any Alabama official with a team from the neighboring American state of the same name.

Although the US Daily Mail does not carry a readily available disclaimer identifying their content as fake news, there are several ways to tell that this story is bogus. Mainly, there is no Alabama state senator named Fred Q. Calhoun.

Furthermore, the image that accompanied this fake news story (which can be seen at the top of this article) was taken during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Canada, not at the 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro.