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Credits: Dr.love

Air Pollution At Alarming Point in Tbilisi

In many districts of Tbilisi the nitrogen dioxide content in the air reaches a critical level – this is the result of the so-called indicative survey, which was conducted by the National Environmental Agency.

The findings of the survey are alarming. It was found that a high concentration of harmful substances is observed in the districts, which are believed to be the resting places where a lot of children are gathered.

In particular, the level of nitrogen dioxide is close to the critical on Rustaveli Avenue, in the territory of the first school,  in the Vake and Mziuri parks’ central entrances as well as  on Bakhtrioni and Gamsakhurdia streets, where the population uses squares for leisure.

Doctors explain that even  the average content of nitrogen dioxide in the air can be very dangerous for the health and is approved by the World Health Organization.

It’s a proven fact that the main cause for such a critical level are technically faulty cars.

In light of the urgent situation in the Georgian capital in terms of air pollution, the government has indefinitely postponed the projects, the implementation of which would have been  the first step towards improving  this situation.

For example, the law on technical inspection of vehicles that run on gas will  not enter in 2016 and  will take effect in  2017.

The enactment of the law on technical inspection of vehicles  has been postponed until next year as well. This is mainly due to social factors – a large part of the older cars simply cannot pass inspection – this will lead to a social explosion, or the appearance of sources of corruption.

Tbilisi municipal transport also remains the problem. However, since September, the city will have new coaches, but they will not go instead of the old ones –  they will be added  to the existing routes. This means that  the number of outdated and technically defective vehicles will not reduce in Tbilisi.

We should not expect a significant improvement of the environmental situation in Tbilisi in the near future in a situation when  old buses are running in the city streets, vehicle inspection system is not enacted, no one controls the level of harmful emissions. It seems that the upcoming elections will further reduce the adoption  of  these “unpopular” decisions.