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AFBA: Changes to the Law on Tobacco is Essential

“Young Financiers and Businessmen Association – Afbaa” welcomes the discussion of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care and Social Affairs, which will make amendments to the “Law on Tobacco”.

It’s about the law on the legislative proposal presented by law firm “LPA Law Firm”s partner Levan Nikoladze, “On Changes to the Law On Tobacco Control”, implies that the exception is the possibility of smoking in closed premises, casinos and cigarette bars.

For the purpose of amendment, the committee also considers amendments to smoking in particular areas like: in public organizations, clinics, higher education institutions and other facilities. It is unclear why changes are being made to already adopted law, but before the adoption of the draft law, “Afba” indicated the shortcomings in the above mentioned problems and called upon the Parliamentary Health Committee and the authors of the draft law to make changes in this direction.

As for the abolition of exception at cigar bars and casinos, Afba noted bold position about that at the initial stage, according to which the regulation would be economically groundless and have negative consequences for the private sector.

“Afba” calls on the Healthcare and Social Committee to introduce amendments to the Law on Tobacco and to consider the amendments offered by Afba at the initial consideration of the draft law, which will reduce the above-mentioned law to the private sector and small businesses.