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AFBA Addresses Business ombudsman-Amendments Needs to be Done to Law on Tobacco

“The Association of Young Financiers and Businessmen” – AFBA welcomes the discussion of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Social Affairs, which is considering amendments to the “Law on Tobacco”.

More specifically, according to the amendments, smoking will be allowed in open areas, clinics, medical facilities and specialty areas in the area of ​​educational institutions. Vice President of AFBA Bairakhtari said during his visit to the “Kvira” press club.

“According to the current regulation of the law, smoking in the territory of clinics and universities is prohibited and even serious sanctions are taken into account, as is the seizure of the license for the clinic.

At the first stage of discussing the draft law, Afba was opposed to this regulation, as this regulation on the one hand was very difficult to enforce, and on the other hand it causes serious to different institutions.

Accordingly, Afba is supporting this change, but there are many drawbacks in the draft law that has created significant problems for the private sector.

More specifically, because the project was lacking in economic analysis, he parted businesses for bankruptcy and the other part created problems and put them in a non-competitive position. The case concerns the provisions of Article 10 of the Law on Tobacco, according to which exceptions are permitted for casinos, and in other gambling establishments, it is prohibited to establish a number of gambling institutions in a non-competitive position.

Also, it’s not based on any economic analysis, according to which smoking is allowed cigar bars, which are the only one in the country, and smoking is prohibited in hookah bars. This decision has put business in unequal position.

Tobacco-producing large companies are separated by tobacco distribution allocated inside the country and distributing sales tax on free trade points. Consequently, companies use different packages on tobacco packaging prepared for DUTY FREE, which does not allow the “Tobacco Law” to come into effect in May which leads to significant shortcomings. The specificity of the issue is understood by a number of countries that are prohibitively pursuing regulations and, therefore, the exceptions in European countries in the free trade points, “said Bairakhtari.