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Aesthetic Centre Solo per te for Perfect Beauty

Interview with the radiotherapist Nino Jolia at the Aesthetic Center, Solo per te.  


 What is the process of diode to cure too much hair?

–  Epilation with diode laser is one of the safest and effective method for get rid of extra hair nowadays. The advantages of using diode laser is that it is safe not only for white skin but darker skin as well, which is more common in Georgia.

What the is appliance you use in your clinic to conduct procedure?

In our center, we conduct procedure with the appliance of 6th generation Mediostar Next Pro made by high standards company, ASCLEPION.

What is the advantage of procedure done at your clinic?

Mediostar Next Pro has better data compare to previous models. Relatively high energy and long wave length has capacity to make a more effective influence on the deepest bio target. As the same time, other structures of the skin stay untouched.

Advantages of appliance:

  • Process is not painful on any part of the body.
  • Apparatus is able to notice any color of hair
  • It works for all types of skin
  • It does not leave pigmented spots
  • The skin becomes smooth and soft
  • It has skin cooling integrated system(freezing effect)
  • The effectiveness of the process is defined by the type of skin and hair.
  • In general,5-6 procedure is quite enough to get a good result.

What to be considered before the procedure and after it?

There are few pieces of advice which to be considered before procedure:

  • Epilcation zone should be free of hair
  • It is not recommended to have a procedure in 2-3 days interval from solarium visit day.
  • The procedure does not take place during pregnancy or galactopoiesis

How often do men contact you for procedure? Do you have any special methods for them?

The demand for laser epilation from men is increasing. Basically, sportsmen use this method. The most demanding area in men is face. They say maintaining beauty demands for sacrifice but ASCLEPION procedure is completely painless.

Do you have special offers in spring for your customers?

We constantly offer our customers special discounts, nice service and good atmosphere. Supervise our facebook page and you will be updated about our offers. Our prices are affordable and the result is guaranteed.

Aesthetic centre Solo per te

Adress: Chavchavadze av. 62 ( etrance from berdzenishvili street)

(032) 2 43 49 94 / (995) 591 41 77 77