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What are the Advantages and the Price of Electro Mobile

First electro mobile charging stations appeared in Tbilisi few days ago. There are only two places where you can find those: European square and turtle lake turn.  Charging stations are for free and drivers of electro mobiles can use during the day.

Accordig to i-sfeis director, Sulkhan Gvasalia, it is planned to install up to 25 charging stations by the end of the year, and if it is necessary, it can increase up to 100 stations.

“It takes 1.5 to 3 hours to charge the car, depending on the car capacity. It is quite convenient to have this kind of car in the city, because it’s very cheap first of all. It is 3 times cheaper than other cars and is very “clean” in an ecological sense, which is very nice for the city”- says Sulkhan Gvalia.

“It is almost 3 years since I have been using this car. Japanese government gave 5 electro mobiles to Georgian government. They are now part of transport agency of Ministry of Economy and im part of this program.”

“This car is changing the psychology of human. I used to like the noise of the engine before, but now I drive a car which is totally silent. You don’t disturb anyone when you are driving, don’t pollute the environment and don’t cause danger for human health.”

Electro Mobile is cheaper than regular cars and at the same time, does not cause any pollution.