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Famous wine writer publishes book about Georgian wine

Famous Wine Writer Publishes Book About Georgian Wine

Famous American wine writer and natural wine advocate Alice Feiring talks about her newly released book titled ‘For the Love of Wine: My Odyssey Through the World’s Most Ancient Wine Culture.’

This is her fifth book about wine and this time it’s only about one place – Georgia. Georgian people, Georgian wines, food and of course about Georgia’s ancient wine making culture. She gave an answer about this question why she has chosen Georgia by this time.

 “When I first landed in Georgia in 2011 for my first visit, I wasn’t really thinking about a book. But I quickly realized I had a mission with Georgia. It was an emerging old region trying to bring its wines to the rest of the world. At that time there was a very small clutch of people working old style, very naturally.”

“At the same time there were many people from outside Georgia who were wine consultants and who were trying to convince the winemakers that they had to modernize; to change the way they made wine; plant other varietals of vines, no matter that Georgia has its own indigenous 525 varieties; that the wine needed to be more modern and palatable to American and European drinkers.” – Alice Feiring said.

Source: hvino news