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Limited Editions Prints of The Photographers at Gallery ”Fotografia”

Gallery “Fotografia” will be the first in Georgia to present the limited editions prints of the photographers based in Georgia. The goal of the gallery is to support the photographers and to continue the long tradition of photography, which will be reflected on the development of this sphere.“Fotografia” will present works of around 15 well established and famous Georgian photographers.

The space will provide also other activities as lectures, workshops, meetings with artists and working in the darkroom. There you can find specially delivered photo films and other photographic materials.The opening of the gallery “Fotografia’’ was on June 30th. CBW had an interview with the director of the gallery-Giorgi Rodionov.

photos by: Adrian Scoffham

What made you want to open your own gallery?

Tbilisi has a very long tradition of photography but till now it had no space to present its amazing photo works together as the limited editions. As other European capitals we were thinking that Tbilisi also deserves this kind of gallery, which supports artists in many ways such as helping them to sell their limited edition prints and develop more skills by different workshops, seminars, meetings with world famous artists, etc.

How did you make it happen?

It took us some time to select one of the best photographers from Georgia and to build up the connections.

What sets your gallery apart from other galleries?

Gallery “fotografia” is the only one space where 15 very talented photographers are presenting their works in limited editions. The Gallery also provides workshops in dark room for professional and amateur photographers. This  raises the values of the prints when hand printed photographs are getting more and more expensive in Europe and other western countries.

How do you choose artists you show?

The artists were carefully curated by their backgrounds. Also gallery “fotografia” tried to select the photographs from all generation and many different types.

How do you spread the word about what you do?

People can follow our activities and see our products on social networks and website where they can buy prints directly,so the gallery can deliver them directly to them.also, Tv,Radio and Press are involved in supporting this initiative.

What are the coming-up events?

The space will provide different events and meetings with famous artists. Also many workshops and seminars will be available in close future.

What are your ambitions for the future?

We want to make photography even more popular in Georgia and Caucasus region, to support local artists and give them more motivation for further amazing works. Gallery plans to make pop up exhibitions in Tbilisi and not only. in future we will try to bring our artists’ works out of bounds to participate in Art Fairs.

By Nina Gomarteli

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