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Tour-operator in Georgia summed up 2014

Info-Tbilisi Travel operates from 2003 in Georgia, and we provide a full of range of the higest quality services. With the working experience of eleven years, we now can say that 2014 was a quite successful year, as new targeted groups and places were identified. Statistically, the number of tourists did not exceed their number from the past two years, no increase was observed.

In the recent years new facilities are appearing in the tourism industry, which we are using and actively offering in our travel packages. In 2014 we paid a special attention to popularization of eco-tourism. This type of tourism is aimed at preserving local culture and promoting sustainable development, which is significant for both the business enviroment and state.

There is a growing demand on so-called MICE tours (a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance. MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions). Info Tbilisi travel hosted a number of large companies and events. This type of tourism direction is quite successful and profitable.

The company plans to maintain well-known existing tours, and in addition, we plan to offer and promote innovative tours such as eco-tourism and MICE, as mentioned above. The company has its own auto-park. It has its own nische on the tourism market via so-called Jeep Tours, and is actively working towards this direction. The company is oriented towards novelties, so facilitating new routes and new tourist offers are being planned. This is caused by the old routes interfering with tours as the industry develops, creating the need for new visions and new ideas.

For 2015, we’re expecting a growth in publicity on the international touristic market. Traveling in Georgia will gain interest and this will be directly proportionate to the rate of growth in tourist numbers. Gaining new partners on touristic exhibitions and an interesting new plan for the future from the tourism administration gives us cause for optimistic prospects.