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5 Reasons To Ski In Georgia

5 Reasons To Ski In Georgia

If there are Alps and Carpathians, why on Earth should the Europeans come to ski to Georgia? Flying three-four hours to the remote, unknown Caucasus, trying to pronounce or at least to read the Georgian names, counting how much is lari to Euro… Challenging, huh? But worth it! We explain why.

1. Georgia is affordable

The ski pass for the whole season is less than 200 Euro. Weekly pass – around 90 Euro. Plus, one pass is valid for all the resorts (they are five in total). Public transport from main cities to ski resorts will cost you around 2-3 Euro. Accommodation prices start from 15 Euro in hostels and guesthouses during the high season. Bottle of decent wine – around 5 Euro, basic lunch with alcohol – around 10 Euro. Hilarious!

2. Georgia is fantastically picturesque

Each of the ski resorts (Gudauri, Bakuriani, Hatsvali, Tetnuldi, Goderdzi) offer you different kind of landscape. Yes, snow is all around, but you will go crazy with those panoramas. And your friends too, when they will see your crazy GoPro videos from the slopes!

3. Freeride and heli ski are a normal thing

We love snow junkies here! And we have enough slopes for them. More than enough. While freeriders and backcountry fans can go up to almost any available slope at any resort, reaching the most intriguing peak with helicopter is an expensive pleasure. Though, you can imagine how thrilling it is!

Also, Gudauri has a snowpark and many options for paragliding. Seeing totally unexplored areas or cause the snow explosions on the untouched plateaus is something truly refreshing.

4. Balneologic treatment is hilariously cheap

Bakuriani is very close to Borjomi, the town famous for its spa facilities. They are concentrated in big hotels such as Crowne Plaza, Borjomi Palace and Rixos, but in the public park, there are also steamy pools with mineral waters.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, also has something great to offer. Historical sulfur baths were the place where the city started, and now it’s still a hotspot for those who crave for hot spring water, powerful massage and mercilessly effective scrubbing.

5. Ancient cultural objects are very close

Svaneti region (home of Hatsvali and Tetnuldi) is also home to UNESCO Heritage objects – medieval towers that are part of almost every household. Built in XII-XIII centuries, they served for defensive and household purposes. Mestia is also the place where very precious books and artifacts are being kept (the museum is very easy to find; its architecture does stand out).

Gudauri is located in only 2 – 2.5 hours drive from Tbilisi, the city that has been founded in the V century. Exploring the Old Town is a must, if you want to understand our country better! Ananuri Fortress and ancient capital Mtskheta are on the way to Tbilisi too, so if you drive a car or have a driver, stop by those sights in order to feel the flow of time.

We deliberately didn’t mention cuisine as a separate reason – may its diversity and heartiness be a surprise for you. Hot fresh cheese bread khachapuri, steamy chakhokhbili, spicy shkmeruli chicken and savory assortment of pkhali will refill you with energy after you are done with conquering the slopes!

Source: georgia.travel