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Photo/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Georgia Signs Four-Year Agreement to Develop Agricultural Sector

On November 16, Levan Davitashvili, the Georgian Minister of Agriculture, and Raimund Jehle, the FAO Representative in Georgia, signed a four-year agreement to develop Georgia’s agricultural sector.

The agreement is called the “FAO Country Programming Framework for Georgia 2016-2020”.  The agreement prioritizes the amelioration of Georgia’s agricultural sector, food safety, response to climate change, animal and plant protection. Additionally, FAO will aid in monitoring agricultural processes and fortify pest control services.

In addition to non-governmental organizations, the European Union, the Austrian Development Agency and the Swiss Development Cooperation were involved in the discussions of the FAO agreement.

“The agreement contributes in particular to strong institutional capacity, sustainable and more resilient agriculture, and improved food safety,” Jehle said.

The FAO agreement supports farmers in increasing their level of productivity and competitiveness. The agreement highlights the benefits, following these changes, to be improved living standards through reduction of poverty in rural areas. Additionally, the benefits will positively impact internally displaced people.

FAO will collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture to exercise the Strategy for Agricultural Development. This is to encourage women and men farmers to improve their agricultural practices and, thus, strengthen gender equality.

Moreover, FAO will offer technical advice on the ways in which farmers can align their production with EU standards.

Furthermore, FAO will focus on conserving Georgia’s biodiversity through introducing sustainable management and efficient uses of natural resources. Also, FAO will implement the Climate Smart Agriculture and Disaster Risk Reduction measures to help Georgia cope with climate change.

“We look forward to working with the government and people of Georgia to help the country meet UN development goals as well as requirements for EU integration,” Jehle commented.

By Maria Bakh
Reporter at CBW.ge
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