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22-Year-Old Georgian Girl Works as Financial Analyst for World’s One of the Major Oil Corporations

Mariam Devadze, 22 years old, works as a financial analyst for the Budapest branch of the world’s one of the major oil extraction and processing US Corporations – ExxonMobile.

In the year of graduation from Tbilisi State University Economics and Business Faculty she obtained a grant for continuation of studies in Budapest. In May 2016 she was employed by ExxonMobil.

Mariam Devadze has graduated from Batumi Ilia Chavchavadze First Public School with a golden medal. Being a 9-grade pupil, she participated in Olympiad of Adolescent Scientists and Investors and won the second prize. Then she was invited to the final stage of Tbilisi Olympiad.

In her interview with BusinessPressNews, Mariam Devadze talks about her way to success and difficulties on this way.

Mariam Devadze told BusinessPressNews that she has overcome various difficulties when seeking a job place at ExxonMobil.

“Obstacles are an usual regime in my life, but I treat them as challenges. There were several stages for employment at ExxonMobil – application, phone interview, testing and, finally, I had to persuade four persons that I was a due candidate. They signed a contract directly. I work with elder and more experienced professionals. Naturally, this was very difficult process.

Sometimes, I had to work 16 hours a day to achieve success”, Mariam Devadze said.

She has graduated from faculty of finance and accountancy of Budapest University of Applied Science in summer 2016. She obtained a Hungarian Government’s scholarship in 2015 for continuation of studies in Budapest. The financial component fully covered tuition fee, living costs and pocket money.

Moreover, Mariam Devadze is also a co-author of the book covering maritime transport economics.

“The guidebook covers maritime industry organization and maritime trade economic issues, as well as activities of the world’s major oil companies. The work is recommended by the scientific board of Batumi Maritime Academy Business and Management Faculty for specialists of maritime transport organization and logistics, seaport management”, Mariam Devadze said.

As to future plans, she noted:

“You should not surrender. Purposeful hardworking and belief in yourself are necessary for achieving a success”.

She also referred to the work of American writer Earl Nightingale as a main strategy for attaining her own goals:

“You will need a plan, roadmap and courage to reach our goals”, Mariam Devadze noted.