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21th Jazz Festival brings Diverse Musical Spectrum to Tbilisi

Tbilisi Jazz Festival has once again being a roaring success bringing some of the biggest names in jazz. It’s safe to say that festival provided great music in variety of vibes and even locations.

Local virtuoso artists – Sandro Bibich Trio opened the festival at Event Hall. Young musicians added Georgian musical elements to the compositions and brought soulful sets to the audience, rich with emotional resonance.

The night was followed by Bad Plus, jazz trio from Minnesota, consisting of bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Orrin Evans, and drummer Dave King. It was hard to stay on the ground while following individual journeys of each instrument, telling one story with full of harmony. They hit every note by flaming touch of instruments.

Sunday night saw legendary Naturally 7 at Republica, American (based in state Georgia)  music group with a distinct a cappella style. First I was standing further, listening to striking instrumental band, but as I got closer I saw seven musicians with no instruments, using human voice, mouths and distortion effects to create instrumental sounds. That was a shocking surprise for me. Artists’ playful, boisterous and free-spirited interactions with audience made this festival even more special. Switching from energetic to heart-wrenching melodies, telling us to forget about all our troubles and believe ‘’everything’s gonna be alright’’. Along with them we learned new dance moves and enjoyed ourselves as much as they did.

Festival had a real appeal to a broad audience- jazz fans or not. Headliners included band member DJ of the British disco/funk band Jamiroquai – Derrick Mckenzie and Steve Taylor (iCulture) who made it a long, dynamic night with the drive.

Today is the last day of the festival, looking forward to see Miles Electric Band with a special guest – Ravi Coltrane (son of legendary John Coltrane) and Conservatoire Jazz Band at Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall.

By Nina Gomarteli

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