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10 Places to Visit in Georgia This Summer

Don’t tell us that you thought that summer in Georgia is seaside vacation only! Yes, you can have pretty much fun in Batumi, swimming, dancing, listening to jazz during Black Sea Jazz Fest (23 – 26.07) and tasting awesome local food.

You can relax in Gonio, Kvariati, Chakvi and Kobuleti, a bit far from loud music and discos. Beaches of Ureki can improve your health with their magnetic sands, and in Anaklia you can dance from dusk till dawn and even longer during GEM-Fest 2015 (30.07 – 07.08).

But no, no, it is still too few! Here you have some tips how to make your summer really incredible. Just travel to these places, enjoy the diversity of nature and store great memories in your mind.

  1. Martvili Canyon (Samegrelo)

Located at river Abasha, this canyon is a great place for those who are tired of heat. Take a boat trip, swim in transparent water between small cliffs or take a bath in waterfalls, look how beautiful are rays of light falling from above.

The closest town is Martvili. You can also see Martvili monastery on the way to or from canyon.

  1. Prometheus Cave (Imereti)

Another place to escape from summer heat. Discovered in 1984, now this cave offers a 1 km long walking route through colourful caverns and a boat trip through an underground lake. It is even possible to get married in one of the halls!

The closest town to Prometheus cave is Tskaltubo. Take into consideration that the cave is closed on Mondays!

  1. Shatili (Mtskheta-Mtianeti)

A small village in North-Eastern Georgia, Shatili amazes with it architecture: the houses are situated on the cliffs, as birds’ nests. Mountainous landscapes there are simply breathtaking! You can go there from Tbilisi with a minibus or taxi. On your way, make a photo stop near Zhinvali reservoir.


  1. Uplistsikhe (Shida Kartli)

In this cave town not far from Gori and Tbilisi you can see how people have lived here several thousand years ago. Stone hewn streets and around 150 caves for different purposes (residential, ritual) remained till our days.


  1. Okatse Canyon (Imereti)

Spectacular views and well maintained routes will make you enjoy your hike. In 4 km from canyon, there is also waterfall Kinchkha, one of the tallest and beautiful waterfalls of Georgia. You can definitely see it all in one day!

The closest city to the canyon is Kutaisi. You can take a minibus to village Gordi, and from there reach the visitor center of Okatse on foot.

  1. Vardzia (Samtskhe-Javakheti)

Imagine: all this complicated system of caves has been established in the XII century (around 900 years ago!), used to be inhabited by around 30.000 people, and the whole town actually belonged to glorious Queen Tamar. Now you can see her face at well preserved fresco in a monastery which is maintained by several monks.

The closest town is Akhaltsikhe. On your way to Vardzia you can also see Rabati fortress, which has been recently renovated, and Khertvisi fortress, which is well preserved. Make sure you are not planning your trip on Monday, because both Vardzia and Rabati are closed!

  1. Kintrishi Protected Areas (Ajara)

Located near Kobuleti, this protected area offers you several beautiful trails, where you can discover typical Ajarian arch bridges, waterfalls and enjoy the coolness of forest. Very nice idea for a day trip, if you are somewhere in Ajara and want to see more than beaches.

  1. Kakhetian wine towns

The whole region of Kakheti is famous for its wineries. If you are confused and don’t know where to go, we’d recommend you to visit at least one or two of those sites: Telavi with its medieval fortress and 900-year-old sycamore, Ikalto Academy – alma mater of Shota Rustaveli, Alaverdi monastery and its wine cellar, Tsinandali and house-museum of Georgian poet Alexander Chavchavadze (wine cellar is still in the mansion!), Kvareli and wine tunnel there, or Sighnaghi, city of love, which is famous not just for wine, but also for well preserved city walls and monastery Bodbe.

  1. Mestia and Ushguli (Svaneti)

Svaneti is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. You will be fascinated by Caucasus peaks (the highest peak in Georgia, Shkhara, is there with its 5193 m of awesomeness).

Mestia has recently become a good destination for skiers, but in summer it all looks very attractive for hikers, trekkers, campers and those who want to escape from any rush. Ushguli is considered to be one of highest constantly inhabited settlements in Europe. It amazes with its authenticity, and is actually reachable for tourists just during several month per year, so hurry up to visit it this summer!

Waterfalls, glaciers, medieval towers in each household (towers of Upper Svaneti are under UNESCO protection, by the way) – does it sound like an interesting place to go?

  1. Borjomi

Yes, of course, we all know that you’ve heard of Borjomi water. Maybe it even saved you after a night out. But Borjomi water from a natural spring is something different (and also healing, no doubts). You can have a nice walk through Mineral water park, or hike in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park (there are trails for one day trip and for several days as well). SPA-treatment in one of hotels can also be one of the greatest things to try this summer. Give your body and soul a break: bring them to Borjomi!