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10 Forgotten dishes from 10 Georgian Regions – “Borjomi” project

With the support of the Company “Borjomi”, “Livingston” agency visited 10 Georgian regions and made the forgotten traditional dishes “alive” again. The recipes and videos of “discovered” dishes will be posted on “Borjomi” gastro guide portal from 31th of October and everyone will have an opportunity to prepare the dishes themselves.

The account manager of company Livingstone, Nino Sujarashvili says that nowadays contemporary cuisine is full of different recipes from all over the world which is a danger in terms of forgetting about traditional cuisine. That is the reason the company they decided to travel in Georgian and collect all the recipes from 10 different regions.

The aim of the project is the promotion of traditional and delicious Georgian dishes on a big scale in the country.  That was our goal when we visited 10 families in 10 regions and recorded the videos about the dishes we have not even heard of before.

These 10 videos will uploaded on “Borjomi” gastro guide portal and the recipes will be translated to Russian and English, which will help foreign cooks to prepare and try the most delicious Georgian dishes, which are part of Georgian culture and we do not have a right to forget about it.