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10 breathtaking food from Georgia

Georgian cuisine is traditional national culinary style in Georgia. Feature of the Georgian cuisine is the use of certain products distributed in the Caucasus, and therefore the presence of certain foods, the popularity of which has worldwide fame.

Georgian recipes Satsivi, Lobio, KhinkaliGhomi, Kharcho, Chakhokhbili, Chanakh, Shkmeruli,Gozinaki, Churchkhela and many others have long been prepared outside of Georgia.

Georgian cuisine at its compilation of recipes and dishes of ideology is based on the contrast of spicy and hot. Vegetables widely used in separate dishes and as a complement to meat dishes. Continued existence of the Georgian nation at the crossroads of many cultures and influences led to the fact that, none of the types of meat has no the predominant value in Georgian cuisine. Georgian meat dishes can be made from pork, lamb, beef, poultry, etc. For example Muzhuzhi made from pork or lamb, Chanakhi from lamb, Kharcho from beef Chakhokhbili from chicken, turkey, rabbit or lamb, Satsivi from turkey or chicken.

Most vegetable dishes are prepared from the beans, eggplant, cabbage, cauliflower, beets and tomatoes. Often the recipes are seasoned with spices. For example: spices in Georgian dishLobio changing depending on the recipe and season. In other recipes, changing the composition of vegetables, spices and sauces are the same, for example, Mkhali and Borani. In general, the Georgian cuisine is widely used sauces that are fundamentally different from Europe as the composition and technology of cooking.

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