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Kakha Kaladze

Each Road Goes To SOCAR: Kaladze Plans Another Visit to Azerbaijan

Negotiations held between Georgia and Gazporm in Vienna has finished without a result. Russian side does not plan to take Georgia’s demands into account, while Georgia stands steady on the position, Negotiations concern to the monetization of gas transit fees and purchase price of gas from Russia by Georgia.

The Vice-Premier supposes that the issue should be solved in several days. At the same time, Georgia makes a difficult move at the energy chess-board, but as it seems all ways go to strategic partner Azerbaijan and SOCAR. Energy Minister plans to pay another new meeting in Azerbaijan on February 29.

As he declared to reporters, he will hold meetings with representatives of SOCAR and Shah-Denis Consortium. However, the fate of ongoing negotiations held with Gazprom is dependent on this dialogue.

“We actively work to take additional volume from Shah-Denis pipeline. I feel very optimistic and think that we should achieve the agreement. Then we have a chance to finish negations with Gazprom in other way”, – Kakha Kaladze has declared on Wednesday.

Azerbaijan has already increased daily gas supply to Georgia from Shah-Denis gas mine. As Mahir Mamedov, general director of SOCAR Energy Georgia has declared to Trend a few days ago, upper level of daily supply is increased up to 3,2 million cubic m, when the seasonal supply has been from 1,5 million to 2,8 million cubic m. “So, the supply ratio for winter and summer is 70/30 instead of 60/40”, – Mamedov noted.

To remind, Georgia wants to receive gas from Iran as well. Therefore, 7-month contract on gas supply of 200 million cubic m will be discussed at the first level. The information is disseminated by Iranian news agency.

However, gas export from Iran is expected to start from the next year (to remind, New Year in Iran starts from March 21). But details linked to the route and price is not specified. Solving of these issues might be prolonged through the months.