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Photo Gallery From Tbilisi TV Tower

There are some places in Georgia, which are not attended by the tourists: either entrance is prohibited, or people just don’t know those places exist.

We decided to show you some. For example, each visitor to Tbilisi has seen our beautiful TV Tower, from where all the radio stations and TV channels used to broadcast. Now it is also a huge part of broadcasting system, but TV market development and increasing number of TV channels have forced them to move out to bigger studios. Still, the tower itself is not a touristic place (yet).

Though, Georgia and Travel’s blogger was allowed to go up there.

DSC_75231DSC_76151DSC_76071The next level (this round platform) was approaching:DSC_75621

And here was the view over Mtatsminda park and even villages behind Tbilisi!

DSC_75421DSC_75441After, Yurii the keeper brought us even higher! Not just the Old Town: almost the whole Tbilisi was clearly seen.

DSC035361DSC035941And then, just the last and the most dangerous platform left… it left us the most breathtaking view!

DSC_75411DSC_75681That’s how birds see our beautiful city. The tower keeper meant, that during daytime Tbilisi looks good, but it can be even more charming during sunrise and sunset. Follow our updates, and you will see it too!



Source: Georgia.travel