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PASHA Bank Joins the Project "Aghadgine"

PASHA Bank Joins the Project “Aghadgine”

PASHA Bank has joined the project “Aghadgine”, which aims to completely rehabilitate Borjomi Forest: clear the entire territory (about 250 ha) of debris created as a result of the fire, secure it with the fence, plant and take care of 750,000 trees over the next 5 years. The campaign brings together businesses and individuals across the globe in this good deed.

Several companies have already enrolled in the initiative and PASHA Bank was one of the first to fund planting of 500 trees on the damaged area.

“In 2016 we decided to get actively involved in “green projects” and therefore we have already implemented several environmental activities this year. The very first step was taken when PASHA Bank planted 2017 Caucasian Pine trees in Borjomi Forest for its corporate clients to congratulate New 2017 Year. “Aghadgine” project is of double importance as it serves both: rehabilitation of the damaged territory as well as raising awareness of this problematic issue. We do hope that businesses will eagerly join the initiative.” – said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing at PASHA Bank.

„By bringing innovation and technology solutions we aim to engage individuals and businesses in recovering Borjomi Forest which was heavily damaged by the fire. We are truly glad that PASHA Bank Georgia is one of the first to join the campaign and diligently continues its activities within the Green CSR framework, “– said Bacho Khachidze, CEO & Co-founder of Treepex.

The campaign “Aghadgine” is planned and executed by Business Information Agency (BIA), startup Treepex and National Forestry Agency of Georgia.