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Georgia Prepares to Celebrate 97th Independence Day
Tbilisi’s main Rustaveli Ave is traditionally the place where the nation celebrates Independence Day on May 26. Photo by PM’s press office.

Georgia Prepares to Celebrate 97th Independence Day

In four days’ time Georgia will celebrate the 97th anniversary of its independence from the USSR.

Each year on May 26 celebrations are held throughout Georgia to mark Independence Day. In recognition of Georgia’s independence, a group of Georgian singers have come together and performed a famous Georgian song.

Georgian video director Basa Potskhishvili filmed a short video where a group of Georgian artists sang My Fireflies [Chemo Tsitsinatela], which was originally sung by the Ishkhnelebi sisters’ quartet. The 44-second video was released on social media two days ago and in this short time the video has gained popularity among Georgian viewers and been watched more than 5,300 times on YouTube.

This year celebrations are being held all around the country. A special group was established months ago to organise the nationwide celebration in 2015. This year’s programme will see a big public celebration take place on May 26 in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and in the 12 self-governing cities of Georgia. Everyone is invited to attend the celebrations and enjoy the activities on offer.

In Tbilisi, an important ceremony will be held at Freedom Square where 200 new recruits will take an oath before the President of Georgia, as Commander of the Georgian Armed Forces. The celebrations will continue along nearby Rustaveli Ave, where stalls will line the street and vendors will showcase their goods. Guests can also enjoy a festival of flowers and a military equipment exhibition.

Similar military exhibitions will be held around the country.

As the evening comes to an end bursts of fireworks will signify the end of the official celebration, after which a concert and disco will begin for the country’s younger residents. Each year Georgia’s independence is celebrated on May 26. The day is a national holiday which commemorates the date in 1918 when the country declared its independence from Soviet Russia, following the collapse of the USSR.