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International Print Festival Started in Tusheti

Event Start Date: 08 Aug, 2018 - Event End Date: 13 Aug, 2018

The international print festival started with TBC support in Tusheti. The festival will unite the works of artists working in different media with traditional and modern methods.

Participant artists, performers, musicians, designers and photographers listened to the old Tushetian legends from Eter Tataraidze and learned Tushetian Ornaments from the famous Tushetian Folklorist. The artists will get inspired by the mythical characters of the legends, which will later be printed on the textile and will eventually be done as a costume at graphics workshop.

Young Omalo locals will put on the customes and present performance with the background of modern and traditional folklore music.

In parallel, in various outdoor spaces of Omalo, installations will be arranged as a street gallery where banners and photos created by artists participating will be exhibited. The whole process will be included in the short film imagery of Tusheti Region.

Tusheti Print Festival will last until August 13, it will be moved to Batumi on 21st of August.

The international print festival – “LIFE – N – STYLE” is held for the third time in Georgia and its purpose is to promote the development of one of the most important branches of modern visual arts – hand printing (lithography, engraving, ophort).

The print media is one of the most important but modernized visual arts in Georgia, in which the artist is involved and each of its works is original. Manual printing makes it possible to replicate the works of 10-15 copies, making it easier to simplify the artwork and make its value affordable.

”Do or Do Not”- is the motto of this year’s festival.

After the end of the trip in the regions of Georgia, the final event of the Print Festival will be held in the capital in October.