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Innovation Is the Name Of The Game – Training at Startup factory

Event Start Date: 23 Mar, 2018 - Event End Date: 23 Mar, 2018

Business leaders across the globe have, time and again, talked about the relevance of innovation in changing the world.

However absurd it may sound but businesses are not all about pursuit of profit; businesses are, in fact, about profit making through innovative ideas that create value for the consumer. Innovation does not limit itself to developing products and services to meet the contemporary and the evolving needs of consumers, it unfolds a whole new dimension for improving living conditions for the mankind. In other words, innovation, in addition to catering to the market, shapes the market. In the wake increasing dynamic competition, the only principle a business could have recourse to, for sustaining itself and getting ahead of others, is – innovation for value creation. But, how does one innovate? The lecture will provide answers to that.

Lecture will focus on the following:

1) What is innovation in business?

2) How does innovation help business in generating value?

3) How to innovate? Or, how to be innovative?

4) How to create innovative culture in a company/organisation?

5) Also, views on destructive innovation and reverse innovation.

6) How can Georgia benefit from innovation in business?

About The Speaker: Paramjeet Berwal is a lawyer, business consultant, educator, founder of Inkstone (Policy and Legal Advocacy) and Inkstone Georgia. In 2017, he conducted Inkstone Georgia Lecture Series at Impact Hub, Fabrika on subjects like ‘original thinking’ et al. He has numerous publications to his credit in international journals including that of Oxford University Press and Sweet & Maxwell. His research work deals with wide range of disciplines. He regularly writes on topics pertaining to business, law, economics and their interface with socio-politico-economic issues from the perspective of policy making and practice. His educational background includes names such as Max Planck Institute (Germany), George Washington University (USA), University of Oxford (England), World Intellectual Property Organization Academy (Switzerland). He is a visiting lecturer at several universities including TSU and Univ. of Georgia.

Duration: 2 hours

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