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Government to Finance Mariah Carey’s Concert at Black Sea Arena by 750 000 USD

Event Start Date: 29 May, 2019 - Event End Date: 29 May, 2019

As part of Check in Georgia state program, on May 29, 2019, the Black Sea Arena will host a concert by Mariah Carey. Tickets are not in sales yet.

However, Georgia is not mentioned in the calendar of the European tour – https://www.mariahcarey.com/tour . Zaza Shengelia, director of Bravo Records company, told BM.Ge that the concert will be held on May 29, between the concerts that Mariah Carey plans to hold in London on May 27 and in Paris on June 1. 

Despite this, Georgia is not mentioned in the schedule of concerts. Zaza Shengelia explains the reason and says that the manager of Mariah Carey and Black Sea Arena have not signed the agreement and advance payment was not carried out. 

‘As reported, in November 2018 a tender was announced as part of Check in Georgia program for inviting a foreign star to Georgia. A special commission was established in Ministry of Economy for selecting a winner proposal and the project and the price submitted by Bravo Records for inviting Mariah Carrey won the tender. The requested funds made up 750 000 USD… Our group has performed huge job and specified the contract details and technical equipment. Our partners are waiting to sign the contract to make an advance payment. 

Regretfully, certain problems arose: as reported the Black Sea Arena was transmitted to the Ministry of Education and Culture from Ministry of Economy in management. They said that the transmission process is underway and nobody specified how long this process will last. It is unclear why this process should frustrate the contract signature with the winner company”, Zaza Shengelia said.

If the contract signature process fails, this will be detrimental for both Bravo Records and Georgia.
“Everything depends on confidence and reputation in this business. We have 15-year working experience with foreign partners. This fact would damage our reputation”, Shengelia noted.