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“Sakhe” and Poetry‘N’Motion Together on Stage Again After 16 Year-Long Pause

After a lengthy pause, “Sakhe” and Poetry’n’Motion returned to stage together and performed old hits from sixteen years ago.

After a lengthy pause, the groups took special care to prepare for the concert in order to not disappoint the audience, some of which have waited 16 years for this. The coastal city paid host to the concert in frames of the “Heat Batumi 2015” project, and the dearly missed hits of the bands could be heard in the city until dawn. The bands, despite have been formed in the 90s, are still popular with listeners to this day.

“We returned with a full group to Georgia and performed both new songs and old hits in Batumi. The listeners gladly followed our time travel trip. This was a wonderful evening, with an energetic crowd who gave us positive vibes, so much so that we did not want it to end. We gave it our all and I think we’ll be returning to Georgia again,” said Michael Ameer after the concert’s conclusion.


“Everyone is happy and joyful, meaning that we managed to do it again after a pause of 16 years, we did it,” noted the singer Dato Khujadze.

“The concert is a success. We performed all the hits, and I once again made the discovery that all of our songs are known by heart and loved by everyone despite the long pause, we are a winner band,” stated the composer Dato Porchkhidze.

Poetry’n’Motion was formed by Michael Ameer in the nineties. The band achieved international acclaim via the alternative interpretation of the song Romeo and Juliet, which became a hit soon after.

The group “Sakhe” was formed in 1993 with Dato Khujadze, Dato Porchkhidze and Goga Khachidze. “When I was writing music in those dark nineties, I knew that the songs would become hits without a doubt, that we would become stars. I could see how we’d arrive at concerts with limousines or helicopters,” recalls Porchkhidze.

This truly is what happened. “Sakhe” shook the Georgian pop music. This was the first popular boyband that was formative to the Georgian mentality, ushering in a new way to sing and arrange pop. The band’s hits of 1997-2000 are written and arranged by Dato Porchkhidze, and remakes followed soon. Sakhe gained many followers, many more boybands were created. Dato Porchkhidze is one of the most popular composers with up to 600 songs in his belt, along with soundtracks for movies and TV shows.

The 60 days of Heat Batumi will, overall, cover over 200 events hosting 259 foreign artists from over 20 countries. With up to 2000 participants overall, Heat Batumi will be split into 11 thematic weeks, with each and every one of them having a unique topic and artistic accent. Heat Batumi is suitable for people of all ages and allows visitors to plan their vacation based on what they wish to see most. There’s fun going down all day-round.



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