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Health Benefits of Scary Movies

Have you watched a horror movie alone? At night? .. maybe you watch it even with group of your friends or perhaps you generally dislike scary movies.

Some people enjoy watching some surreal, supernatural events that we don’t face everyday in our real life. Like other genre of movies romance, comedy, family, drama, crime etc. horror movies are also kind of entertaining to some viewers. It is individual’s personal choice what to watch and what not to for entertainment purpose.

Horror movies also have certain classifications like ghost & paranormal, psycho, satanic, action & violence and some documentaries covering some great wars that the world has seen so far. It is not likely that all horror movies belong to same class but a very small portion could be considered as reenactment of some violent historical events.

meanwhile there are another group of people who hate scary movies and who doesn’t really enjoy or get the point of it .

Studies have shown that adrenaline junkies get real pleasure out of being scared by horror movies, but in a variety of ways they may be risking their physical and mental health without even knowing it. When we watch an intense scene in a film our heart rate and blood pressure increase. This can and does lead to heart attacks, in people who have cardiovascular weaknesses. Fortunately there are theories to support this gender fans below you can find several health benefits of horror movies according to doctors website.

1. Immune Boost

A study performed on 32 males and females revealed some very interesting things about scary movies and how they affect our body

.Researchers found increases in white blood cells which left viewers better equipped to fight disease and repair the body. This means watching scary movies actually boosts your immune system.

2.get thin !!

In another study, researchers found that watching scary movies was also great exercise. A single viewing of various movies tested revealed that you can burn around 200 calories depending on the movie.

Health experts say, making out with your sexual partner burns 144+ calories per half-hour. Meanwhile, The Telegraph published an article detailing the results of a study done by the University of Westminster on the calorie-burning efficacy of horror films. The best outcome is, “Watching horror films burns nearly 200 calories a time.dont forget to bring your popcorn with you or a box of pizza and an extra large glass of beer. Watching scary movies with a group of friends may also prove to be stress-relieving. So, go ahead and call your friends now and invite them to watch scary movies with you..

Top 5 calorie burning movies were as follows:

  1. The Shining: 184 calories
  2.  Jaws: 161 calories
  3.  The Exorcist: 158 calories
  4.  Alien: 152 calories
  5.  Saw: 133 calories

3.Dealing With Our Fears

Research done by Dr. Mathias Clasen suggests watching horror movies is great for our DNA as although we have memory deep down to deal with situations that may frighten us, our current environments often don’t put us in that state. Watching a horror movie acts as an emotional simulator for this and triggers our DNA to respond.

4.Brain activity

it is proved that Horror Movies help in our mental health, especially effect human brains. It has a positive effect on the mind, body and soul. According to Times of India (TOI), “Research suggests that while women watch horror flicks, the brain secretes neurotransmitter dopamine, glutamate and serotonin. Thus, increased brain activity gets the state of mind alert for a while. Additionally , threat signals that pass through the hypothalamus (in the brain) will stimulate the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and opiates which has an anesthesia like effect.” The roller-coaster ride of emotions that happen when viewing scary movies can lead to the secretion of certain feel-good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, serotonin and glutamate. These chemicals may lead to the creation of adrenaline which can have an anesthesia-effect on the body which is similar to effects of drugs that could actually bring stress and anxiety down.


When you are jumpy because of the scary movies you tend to unwillingly hug the person next to you. Hugging could give you relief from the heightened emotions which are useful to be acquainted with especially when you are feeling too much stress and anxiety when you are no longer watching.

6. Stress Resistant

When you watch a horror movie at night alone you’ll probably get something called “Adrenaline Pumping”, that is very good for you to resist stress. It acts like a stress resistant. The adrenaline rushes all throughout your body, activating your adrenal gland thus boosting your energy. It also helps you to avoid anxiety and depression.

7. Tackle Real Life Attacks

Horror movies have Suspense and thrilling moments, such scenes will help you to prepare for real life incidents, they will make you ready for the reality. You’ll more alert and vigilant. When you think you are in a danger state, then your mind will think of various ways to take defense and think further. It will give you the ability to anticipate things in real life. Such horror movies will help you to defeat the bad guys.


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