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Georgian National Dance Ensemble Celebrates 130th Anniversary

Today, Georgian National Dance Ensemble celebrates 130th anniversary.

Erisioni attained global acclaim thanks to their cooperation with United States producer Jim Lowe and Frenchstage director Pascal Jourdan on the project Georgian Legend – a performance consisting of the dances and songs of Georgia, loosely bound around tales from the country’s history. In Georgian Legend, the performers – male and female dancers and musicians present a well choreographed version of Georgian dances and folk music, set on a producing platform.

Georgian Legend provides an insight into the traditional Georgian warrior culture which has preserved its unique attributes and independence for centuries.

Georgian Legend was conceived in 1999 when Jim Lowe and Pascal Jourdan were working with Erisioni in Tbilisi. They decided to bring the traditional Georgian dances to the modern scene. In 2000, the first version of the show, then called The Legend of Tamar toured in the United States. American critics hailed the production as sensational, spectacular and a feast of riches for eye and ear. In 2001 and 2002, Georgian Legend debuted in Europe, with acclaimed performances in legendary Parisian venues including the Palais des Sports and the Palais des Congres.