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Georgian Heritage Reflected In Tbilisi Fashion Week

Georgian patriotism was evident at the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi as Georgian designers attached symbolic meanings to their exhibited outfits.

As Georgia survives continuous battles, such as the 2008 war with Russia, nationalism among Georgian people gradually grows and expands. Following the war with Russia, Georgia began embracing its heritage through accentuating the admiration for the traditional chokha- national men’s wear.

Therefore, the patriotism displayed at the recent fashion show in Tbilisi could stem from the recent U.S elections. Has the anxiety of the relationship between the Russian and the U.S president inspired the recent outfits of the fashion week?


Djaba Diassamidze , a formalwear designer, imprinted Georgian letters onto a white cape.

Lako Bukia printed images of post-Soviet buildings and countrysides of Georgia onto her outfits.

Irma Sharikadze embraced her heritage through photographing Georgian gypsies. Afterward, she adopted their clothing style and implemented it into her own designs.


Irakli Rusadze and Davit Giorgadze designed t-shirts ornamented by the Georgian flag. ““The flag visual is the starting point for the upcoming generation to realize its culture,” Giorgadze said.

By Maria Bakh
Reporter at CBW.ge
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