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Georgian Frida Kahlo Look-Alike Transforming Georgian Fashion

Irma Sharikadze is the Georgian Frida Kahlo look-alike who, with her brightly colored outfit, stood out amidst the black and gray costumes of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi.

Apart from a look-alike, Sharikadze is a designer, photographer, and an artist. In her daily ensembles, she involves a mix of colorful hues and her personally designed silk embroidered robes.

Defying the classical Georgian style of black and gray colored clothing, Sharikadze expresses her love for vibrant colors through fashion. The appreciation for dynamic colors and hues followed from her childhood and extended into her life as an adult.

“I was always trying to be on the stage and wear a beautiful dress,” Sharikadze says.

However, her admiration for colors has deeper roots. After the celebrated collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia erupted into a civil war. Therefore, her self-expression occurred through her colorful style. Not to say that she celebrated the tragic incidents through color, but rather channeled a more positive ambiance through her vivid outfits.

Sharikadze says, “In Georgia, there are not enough colors. There is this dark ’90s and post-Soviet culture that was very difficult—socially, mentally, physically.” “Dark colors somehow became the tradition, but I want to change this,” she added.

Interestingly, in her fashion shows, she adds theatrical aspects by releasing groups of dancers to “perform” her outfits.

Additionally, her style was influenced by her project of the Georgian edition of National Geographic. The project involved Georgian gypsy families. They inspired her to borrow their cultural aesthetics and implement them into her own designs. Moreover, she integrated the nomadic style into her upcoming Spring 2017 collection.

By: Maria Bakh