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Fall in Georgia: What To Do This Time of Year

Sometimes it is difficult to explain, what is special about Fall. It’s still warm and pleasant in Georgia, so you can swim and take sunbath at least till the beginning of September. You can take mineral baths, drink wine and eat natural delicious food everywhere.

Wine is becoming the major topic in fall: harvest time (called Rtveli) is approaching, and families gather to harvest grapes, give birth to the new wine and spend time together.

Traveling in Georgia always means meeting new people, becoming friends and feeling constantly in love. Sometimes it’s impossible to get enough of mountains, valleys, fields, semi-deserts, forests and meadows. We decided to point out some peculiar issues, and it would be lovely to hear your opinions and impressions too! Of course, after your fall trip to us. So, fall in Georgia is…

…warm Black Sea and stunning sunsets

fall 1

…soulful meetings with old and new friends

…fantastic palette of colours on the slopes of the mountains

fall 2

…cool air, night city lights and a glass of flavourful wine

…unforgettable adventures

…fishing in beautiful places

…harvest and producing of new wine

fall 4

…great variety of fruits

…fresh churchkhela on every step

fall 6

…it’s time to stay at the nature and ask questions to yourself

…it’s time to love and start your own family life

fall 5(Photo: M. Karpiy, karpiy.com.ua)

…time of new discoveries.

fall 3