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Ad Black Sea and the Main Purpose of an Advertising Festival

From September 24-27 the International Advertising Festival Ad Black Sea will take place in Batumi, Participants from 20 countries will attend the event.

This is a new international advertising festival, which aims to inspire all of its participants – advertisers and creative people – with bold, unusual ideas and nontrivial solutions. This is a real competition, but not only. It is a platform for social interaction with colleagues for sharing ideas and planning ahead, the opportunity to meet people not only online, to discuss all the charm and challenges of the advertising profession. Batumi is a new meeting point for creators.

Festival will be held by the joint effort of Communication Agencies Association and Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

CBW offers an interview with the president of the international advertising festival Ad Black Sea. President of the festival Vato Kavtaradze shared with ABW the idea behind creating the festival and its specificities.

Tell us what the new Ad Black Sea Festival is about? Where did the idea of creating the Festival come from?

We’ve had the idea of creating an advertising festival for a very long time now. We knew all along that the Black Sea and Batumi in particular were perfect for arranging such a festival. The Festival’s magnitude goes way farther than just the Black Sea region, including Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and many post-Soviet countries. Everyone in this region loves and knows Batumi. This is a perfect location for creating a “trend” festival, such as Cannes festival, which is impossible to imagine without the sun and the sea.

Ad Black Sea holds a lot for Georgia. This is an opportunity for the country to raise and develop its existing advertising industry’s level. We do not have other advertising festivals that have existed for 15 years elsewhere. But now we entered a totally new era in advertising. This is the fresh page in the development of the advertising industry. This will become the most important moment for the business, for Georgia, as well as other countries that will participate in the Festival.

We are confident that Ad Black Sea Festival will grow and develop into the most important and prestigious regional and international advertising festival.

What is the Ad Black Sea competition like? What are its categories?

Some festivals measure the effect of this or that product. Other festivals look at how the creative field is developing in this or that region. In this regard, Ad Black Sea will become such a festival. Ad Black Sea will be the measure of creative quality in this region.

Ad Black Sea must grow to become the most recognizable Festival in the region.

Who will be the jury members? Will there be any distinguished guests?

We will have the real stars of the advertising industry. At the moment, we are ready to open some of the names: Michael Conrad, founder and president of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Germany), Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff, founder and executive chairman of the Mixer (Brazil), Erik Heisholt, executive creative director and founding partner HEISHOLT (Norway), Alex Pallete, chief strategy officer and founder of PICNIC (Spain), Evgeny Primachenko, copywriter Wieden + Kennedy (Netherlands), and others.

What are the noteworthy events await the participants of the Festival? What will the seminar program be like? Will there be time for parties or any informal socializing?

We want the festival to linger in the memories of our guests in many ways – not only the result (who received a prize), but also the emotions of participants that will be associated with the overall atmosphere of the festival. Therefore, entertainment should be of highest quality – all parties and feasts will be iconic and memorable. So I invite all to Batumi.

Why should ad agencies submit their work to the Festival?

Ad Black Sea – is more than recharge in the longer term. The festival represents a chance for the agencies to demonstrate their creative achievement.

We also received support from the ADC * E. Now the Georgian winners of Ad Black Sea will be allowed to inspect the Champions League ADC * E in Barcelona, which takes place at the ADC * E Awards. This competition is very competitive; only the winners of national parades Art Directors Club (ADC) can submit their work. In this regard, without having any formal education winners of the Ad Black Sea will be considered by the ADC Club automatically.Therefore, the Georgian agencies will be able to compete with the best agencies in Europe. And for us to gain support of ADC * E in the very first year of our festival is a great recognition by the best of the best.

What are your expectations for the festival?

We do not expect to receive a huge amount of entries for the first year. Although, there have been 90 submissions from Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and Kazakhstan for the first deadline. We have no expectations that thousands of people will arrive in Batumi for the very first Festival. For now, we expect Ad Black Sea to create some sort of direction for the development of the creative field in Georgia. And we want the participants who come to the festival to leave with the sense of “I wish the next Festival gets here soon.”