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8 reasons why they hate Facebook

Facebook lovers usually have thousand  reasons why they  adore it  , but recently you may have heard  from your friends : “I don’t go on Facebook anymore”, “I’m just sick of Facebook” etc. well there is a brief summery of main reasons why HATER OF FACEBOOK , REALLY HATE IT ! Businessinsider , Economist and other webs helped us to figure it out.

#1.Social hide and seek

 If the green dot was not enough to holler out that you are available the seen option is the new bane of life . When you message someone sometimes you may not want to reply immediately and always the option of “ohh , i did not see the chat” saved many of us from long lasting never ending social niceties but now Facebook has decided that we have abused our right of choosing who we reply and when and replace it with the law of ” The person shall be informed when his message is seen by you’ So now buck up to reply the messages or face the nosedive in your relation .

of course you may not adore your mom checking her news feed and facing your Best friend check in  with you in that club , while you told her you are just studding at his place !


 #2.We Friends ? You don’t say 

We meet once at a wedding . Said hi out of social protocol. That does not make you my friend . It is now common to have 500 “friends” but just to play along , try to name them from just their profile picture or see if you even know them without the convenient mutual friend option , we love that reason from Listdoes.

#3. Classic waste of Time

Facebook may or may not be a waste of time depending on how you use it. But here’s the harsh truth: The ratio of people that use Facebook effectively vs the ones who waste time is equivalent to the ratio of planets in solar system that support life vs the ones that don’t! And I had realized that my case was like Mercury! Over and out!



#4.(Facebook) Addict Anonymous.

As it turns out, this type of “Facebook addiction” may show up in the brain: A new study found that the brains of people who report compulsive urges to use the social networking site show some brain patterns similar to those found in drug addicts.NO COMMENTS !


#5.There are way too many games that spam you

In any given day, I’ll receive anywhere from one to 10 invitations to play games. Sure, it is possible to block invites for specific games, as well as invites from specific friends. But with more apps and games making their way onto Facebook, there should be a way to easily block all of them.



#6.And why did she COMMENTED ON your pictures ?!

Does Facebook kindle romantic jealousy? Can your choice of “relationship status” in a profile affect your relationship? Three recent articles from the journal Cyberpsychology & Behavior tackle these questions of love in the time of Facebook.

Many people have reported feeling bad or jealous while looking at Facebook, according to the survey. Even more, some people have reportedly used it for malicious purposes. Last year, a teenager committed suicide. In her suicide note, she mentioned how some comments she read on Facebook contributed to her feeling upset.

Social psychologist Leon Festinger observed that people are naturally inclined to engage in social comparison. To answer a question like “Am I doing better or worse than average?” you need to check out other people like you. Facebook is a quick


#7.of real-life relationships

Not only does continued Facebook use increase jealousy, but it can have other detrimental effects on the relationship as well. One study found that high levels of Facebook usage were associated with negative relationship outcomes like cheating and break-up.  Other people may not like it if you show off your relationship on Facebook.

Also once a relationship intensifies past the initiating and experimental phases and a couple decides to go “Facebook official” (FBO), Facebook can become a source of relational confusion and distress.

#8.Photos of everything , every where , selfie , check ins and statues  ! 

We can’t really resist sharing photos of our lives. For some, it is a funny, heart-warming or proud scene that is warmly shared with friends. For others, it’s a boost for the self-esteem. Albums after albums of homes, kids, the workplace, a drinking party, purchases, vacation trips, pets and family mark attempts to paint a picture of what a wonderful life I have; how’s yours?

Well we are not really interested to know how you feel every single minutes of your life or we all know that you eat breakfast everyday. You don’t need to share that stupid cup of tea picture everyday mentioning you are eating breakfast again !


Facebook has helped a lot to create a personal brand for many individuals and for businesses. Moreover, it’s a major source of entertainment for people around the globe. Since, Facebook is a global social networking site available in various languages, country and language is not a barrier. Also, with the Facebook translation feature, you will never miss out on connecting with Facebook users from different countries and with people who speaks different languages etc.  you may just not look at the empty part of glass and just manage your time , relation and setting in your Facebook in way you like it. is there other reasons you hate facebook ? let us know it so we can share it with other people !

By Shiva Parizad
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