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25th effect

25th Frame Effect in Georgian Reality

The phenomenon of 25th frame has made progress in 1957, at the moment when in a cinema in New Jersey a marketing specialist, the American James Vicary, would have introduced in the film ”Picnic” the slogans ”Drink Coca Cola” and ”Hungry? Eat Popcorn”.

These images and the respective writings repeated themselves each 5 seconds, without being perceived consciously by the audience, therefore under brain’s capacity of reception. Therefore, these images have been perceived only subconsciously. The experiment lasted for 6 weeks, 45,000 people having been exposed to this kind of impulses. Studies have shown that after this experiment the sales have increased with 57.5 % for popcorn and 18.1% for Coca Cola.

Ever since the effect of 25th frame has been largely used in commercials and films too. Among them are Marlboro commercials and the film Eyes Wide Shut, directed by Stanley Kubrick, with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in leading roles.

Highly-trended video with effect of 25th frame has appeared in Georgian online space too that is pretty unusual. In Georgia one cannot remember lots of works with 25th frame effect installed.

Panda’s newly released video clip consists of various hidden messages (one of them indicated on below picture).  It is extremely interesting how will society react on them and what will be the real effects of famous 25th frame in Georgia.