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2016 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

Fall/Winter 2016 has arrived along with the numerous fashion shows advertising new trends.

Finally, we can huddle into the warmth of our woolen sweaters and baggy sweatpants. We can wear our fluffy socks and rock our messy buns. Finally, we can read a book by a snug fireplace or drink hot chocolate by the cold window sill. And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can slip on those rain boots and dance in the pouring rain. But if you feel like channeling your inner fashionista, you can easily rock these latest 2016 winter fashion trends.

Bell Sleeves

This winter, you can get a taste of the life during the Baroque era when royalties and noblewomen relished in their intricate gowns with sleeves gracefully flaring at the elbows. However, if that feels too pretentious, you can channel you inner Morticia- the graceful, yet eccentric, woman of Adam’s family. This season, the bell sleeves trend reentered giving you the opportunity to add elegance and originality to your outfits.


This subtle and modified version of a cape gives you the opportunity to feel heroic in your own right. It’s never been easier to add a drop of chic and a tablespoon of retro to your look by, simply, draping a capelet over your shoulders.


As seen on numerous catwalks and celebrities, velvet is the perfect addition to your wardrobe for a classy, sophisticated and a luxurious touch. Velvet can be flaunted through blazers, handbags, boots, jackets and much more.


Nothing is worse than the piercing winter cold consuming any feeling in your hands. Although the relieving warmth radiating off a hot drink is sensational, gloves can be a great substitution. Gloves can achieve eclectic effects- classy, rock, sporty, chic, and the list goes on. You can’t go wrong with a pair of gloves.

By: Maria Bakh