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10 Body Language Mistakes in Job Interviews

Seeking Job ??? Your answers to job interview questions aren’t the only thing that can make or break your chances of landing work. Body language also plays a large role.

Facial expressions, posture and other physical behaviors can reveal more about job seekers than the words they use, according to CareerBuilder.

CBW gathered 10 common mistakes that you can make during job interview . try to avoid them in your next interview .


Poor posture

Once seated, resist the temptation to lean right back into your chair and make yourself overly comfortable. Slouching into the chair or leaning to one side in the interview room can be interpreted as being indifferent or too relaxed. On the other hand remaining upright with your shoulders back and being comfortable will set the tone for the interview ahead.

Lack of eye contact

An interview can feel intimidating anyway, so it can be tempting to look away so you don’t have to continuously lock eyes with the interviewer. However continuously avoiding contact can make it difficult for you to establish a good rapport between you both. Ensure that you keep eye contact, especially when being asked or responding to questions, but take moments in between to break contact.


Not smiling

Although a nerve-wracking experience, it is normal to forget to do something as simple as smiling during the interview. Ensure that you relax into the flow of the interview and smile to give a positive impression.


Crossed arms

Crossed arms over your chest signal defensiveness and resistance and you appear less approachable. Keep your arms at your side or hands folded gently on lap to appear more open to conversation and open to the interviewer


Hands Behind Your Back

It’s important to appear approachable and open, so don’t try to control gestures or fidgeting by keeping your hands locked behind your back. This is especially important when you begin to speak. Keeping your hands in your pockets or behind your back inhibits movement and makes you appear stiff. Bring those hands out in front and use them in a casual manner when speaking during your interview



There is a distinct line between good eye contact and staring during an interview. Be aware of this. You do not want to look creepy by appearing as though you are hexed on the person with a long, no-blink stare.


Stop Touching Your Face!

You’ve probably touched it a few times while reading this article. Now, while you can’t stop yourself from doing this all the time, you must stop during the interview.


Playing with something on the table
Dude, focus.
Too many hand gestures
I’m Italian, so I understand that hand gestures are a part of life. But don’t overdo it, because 11 percent of employers say that’s a potential deal breaker for them.
 Too-strong handshake
Turns out that breaking your potential employer’s fingers on a job interview may not be a good idea.

By Shiva Parizad
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