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Workforce Village to Open on Nenskra HPP Territory

Workforce Village to Open on Nenskra HPP Territory

A village for workforce and specialists (a total of 110 persons) will be constructed on the territory of Nenskra hydro power plant (HPP). The  residential zone comprises 5 buildings, including one, two and three-floor residential houses, one guesthouse and storehouse and office buildings. All other required infrastructure will be arranged on adjacent territories.

Specialists working on Nenskra HPP project implementation will live in the operational village. In Spring 2017 the main phase of HPP construction works will start and more than 400 local residents will be employed additionally.

“All questions that existed in the population around this project has been clarified. Information center works on the spot. Due control is carried out in terms of construction works and environment protection safety issues. Today, a major part of local population is employed at various works. This quantity will increase stage by stage after inauguration of HPP construction works”,  the Partnership Fund executive director David Saganelidze noted.

In collaboration with Korean K-Water company, the Partnership Fund is building 280 megawatt power hydro power plant on the river Enguri tributary in Svaneti Region. The potential annual generation of the facility will be 1.2 billion kilowatt-hours. The power station will start electricity generation in 2019, while the project implementation will be over in 2012. Total investment value of Nenskra HPP is about 1 billion USD.