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Government Buys Off 355 Private Properties for Anaklia Seaport Project Implementation

Who will Build Approach Infrastructure to Anaklia Seaport?!

Tender deadline for developing a detailed design document for constructing infrastructure to Anaklia Seaport is over.

JSC Institute IGH, Society for Civil Construction Research and Development Issues, offers to fulfill the due works for 7.9 million USD, down 2.2 million USD compared to the starting price. If the tender commission does not accept this offer and submitted document, then the second best bidder will be called into the process. 

Based on the tender peculiarities, number of potential competitions and their bids are not divulged.
JSC Institute IGH is a Georgian branch of Croatian company, which was registered in 2016. 

We remind you that this is a repeated tender for purchase of design works for construction of approach infrastructure to Anaklia deepwater seaport. 

The first tender announced in December 2017 ended in negative outcomes – Spea Engineering S.P.A was rejected because of invaluable technical documents and the company was disqualified.

The winner company must develop design documents for constructing approach motorway, railway and all due infrastructure of the seaport.

It should be noted that the mentioned tender conditions were appealed to the Board of Disputes. GT company accuses Road Department of discrimination and creating uncompetitive environment.