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Whether Georgia will be Recognized the Cradle of Wine to be Known in December devaluation

Whether Georgia will be Recognized the Cradle of Wine to be Known in December

Is Georgia the birthplace  of wine? – it will be known in December when the  US National Space Agency (NASA) will draw definitive conclusions. David Magradze, the head of the Viticulture Department of the National Wine Agency  told  CBW.

According to him, the project, which is aimed at the scientific evidence of Georgia’s  status as  the wine country, is being carried out successfully. Magradze notes that  there is a promising direction of the research, the results will be made public  in December.

He explains that  the first samples sent to  the NASA  lab showed that the so-called tartaric acid remains were discovered in one from several  samples. Tartaric acid is a marker of the European grape wine. In Magradze’s words,  the other party of the samples has been sent and the lab survey will be completed in December.

He explains that Georgia’s  recognition as birthplace of wine is  a significant event that  will increase interest in the Georgian wine.

“In 2014, when the project began, it was said that its main goal was to present  culture of wine in Georgia. This will contribute to the popularization of Georgian vine and wine. When people say that wine, which is the world’s number one product, has roots in Georgia, it will have a positive effect. This fact will increase interest in Georgian wines,” Magradze notes.

In January 2014  Director  of the National Wine Agency Levan Davitashvili told Commersant that  the government intended to implement a new project to  scientifically prove that Georgia is  the cradle of wine.

He said  that the project was scientific in nature and aimed  to scientifically  determine the origin of Georgian vine and its identification in order a dispute about Georgia as the motherland of wine to be argumentative, and relevant scientific evidence “should be put on the table”.

In his words, the industry ‘s leading scientists (geneticists, DNA – researchers, archaeologists) from Germany, France and other countries participated in the program.

“We have fragmented entries. However, they are  not recognized by leading scientists and the work should be carried out. We are convinced that we are a wine country, but it must be proved scientifically”, Mr Davitashvli noted.