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Whereabouts of 172 872 655 GEL from Government’s Reserve Fund

In 2016 Government’s Reserve Fund spent 1 728 72655 GEL, based on resolutions of government’s administration and decrees of Georgian Prime Minister. A total of 61 resolutions and decrees were passed to transfer the mentioned funds.

A major part of the mentioned funds were directed to healthcare sector – 35 million GEL, sports events were financed by more than 31.5 million GEL, culture events – more than 29.5 million GEL; subsidies on agriculture sector exceeded 24 million GEL.

The smallest funds were directed to defense issues – about 253 000 GEL and civil equality issues – 300 000 GEL.

Tourism and Entrepreneurship Support

Government’s Reserve Fund financed National Tourism Administration by 5.5 million GEL in 2016.  The tourism administration was to carry out autumn and winter complex marketing and advertising campaigns on behalf of Georgia. The decree on the funds transfer names one additional expenditure. Under this decree, 719 200 GEL was allocated from Regional Projects Implementation Fund to finance a part of price of flights to Mestia airport.

Culture Events

In 2016 Government’s Reserve Fund alloted 297 70637 GEL for financing culture events. A major part of these funds (22 824 887 GEL) was assigned for the Culture Development Investment Fund, almost one/fifth of the sum (4 404 512 GEL)  was allocated for culture support program in regions.

Comparatively less funds were transferred to Georgian Folklore State Center (282408 GEL). A total of 136 543 GEL was allocated for National Musical Center of Georgia  and 128 199 GEL was directed  to developing policy and programs management in culture and monuments protection field.

Lesser finances were directed to Ilia Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili Georgian National Ballet  (93 500 GEL), J. Kakhidze Tbilisi Music-Culture Center (60 397 GEL), Georgian Folk Song and Dance State Academic Ensemble – Erisioni (15 725 GEL) and Rustavi ensemble (14 092 GEL). The smallest amount was transferred to Basiani ensemble – 9 950 GEL.

Independence Day

We should separately discuss expenditures for marking Independence Day on May 26. For this purpose, Government’s Reserve Fund allocated 1 488 692.9 GEL. A major part of these funds was directed to the Government’s administration (435 678 GEL). The Government was to spend the mentioned finances on printing, advertising and official reception.

Comparatively less finances were transferred to Public Broadcaster – 318 426 GEL for shooting solemn events in Tbilisi and Regions and organizing live broadcasting.

299 060 GEL was transferred to general staff of Georgian Armed Forces and civil office of Defense Ministry of Georgia. These funds were to be spent on technical issues for oath-taking ceremonies in Tbilisi and 5 regions of Georgia.

Almost the same amount (295 124 GEL) was allocated to Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia for elaborating arts development and culture support programs for regions, as part of the May 26 events.

According to government decree on the May 26 events, transfers of 110 405 GEL were allocated for local self-governments, while 30 000 GEL was directed for elaborating state policy and management of legal support for the country interests.

Foreign Relations

In 2016 Government’s Reserve Fund allocated 595 3741 GEL for events related to foreign relations. A major part of this sum (5 389 554 GEL) were spent on events related to European and EuroAtlantic structures, while remaining 564 187 GEL were spent on Foreign Ministry office and Georgian Embassy in Australia.

450 277 GEL was transferred to Foreign Ministry of Georgia for publishing promo articles, columns and materials in German newspapers (Süddeutsche zeitung, Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Zeitung FAZ). A total of 113 910 GEL was transferred to Georgian Embassy in Australia. Decree indicating the transfer purpose concerns other issues.

Government has passed 7 decrees for financing various events related to European and EuroAtlantic structures. As a result, more than 5 million GEL were allocated from Government’s Reserve Fund.

A major part of this sum (2 756 859 GEL) was directed to the office of State Ministry for EuroAtlantic Integration. 1 683 254 GEL was allocated for consecutive and free implementation of EuroAtlantic Integration process and spent on purchase of consulting services frpom Cambre Associates.

A total of 254 930 GEL was spent on Batumi international conference “European Way of Georgia” that was held on July 14-15, 2016. The remaining 818 675 GEL was directed to financing events as part of visit of North Atlantic Council (NAC) that was held in September in 2016.

Government’s Reserve Fund transferred 2 137 442 GEL to Government’s administration for consecutive and free implementation of Georgia’s EuroAtlantic integration process. Expenditures for purchase of consulting services  constituted 2 041 043 GEL, but decree N212 that substantiates purpose of the transfer, names 216 334 USD equivalent in GEL.

The reserve fund also transferred 96 408 GEL to the Government for purchase of consulting services regarding visa-free regime with EU.

Elections of 2016

Government’s Reserve Fund transferred 12 083 691 GEL to finance various election nneds. A major part  (4 421 392 GEL) was allocated for conducting a runoff of ahead of schedule elections of governors of Akhaltsikhe City Hall and self-governed communities of Bolnisi and Kharagauli, as well as the parliamentary elections that was held on October 8, 2016.

A total of 2 460 000 GEL was allocated for compensating expenditures taken by election participants during the runoff of parliamentary elections in October 2016.

A total of 1461 666 GEL was allocated for financing representatives of election participant organizations and conducting elections. A total of 479 420 GEL of the mentioned sum was directed to snap elections of Gardabani municipality governor, 720 700 GEL was directed to financing midterm elections of boards of Gardabani, Kaspi, Tskaltubo, Ozurgeti, Khobi and Zugididi municipalities on May 22, 2016. However, the decree names less sum – 1 200 120 GEL. The remaining 374 063 GEL was spent on October 8 parliamentary elections, training election staff and campaigns of election participant organizations.

Expenditures on Sports

For the purpose of Georgian sports promotion, Government’s Reserve Fund allocated 32 240 291 GEL. A part of the sum (14 796 829 GEL) was transferred to LEPL Georgian Football Development Fund for financing the expenditures of the 2016 state program for football development in Georgia. Over a half part of the sum (15 879 275 GEL) was spent on awards of athletes, coaches, doctors and other staff having won various events in 2015 and 2016.

The smallest amount of 1 million GEL was equally shared to Georgian National Weightlifting Federation and Georgian National Wrestling Federation. This sum financed expenditures for conducting Young Weightlifters Championship 2016 in Tbilisi and  the 2016 World Championship among Young Wrestlers.

Religion Related Issues

Government of Georgia has allocated 891 525 GEL for financing the Pontiff’s visit to Georgia and Sameba cathedral restoration works. Namely, 198 999 GEL was spent on organizing the Pontiff’s visit  in Georgia. Required funds were transferred to Georgian President’s administration from Reserve Fund.

Triple more amount (692 526 GEL) was transferred for restoring Sameba cathedral infrastructure damaged as a result of conflagration. Under the government resolution of May 5, 2016 the reserve fund was to allocate 3 737 400 GEL for Patriarchate of Georgia, but later the amount was reduced.

Power Sector

Government’s reserve fund alloted 4 596 324 GEL for financing power sector related issues in 2016. A major part of this sum (3 807 851 GEL) was a partial subsidization of electricity consumed by socially vulnerable population. Due funds were transferred to Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection.

The Reserve Fund directed 363 461 GEL to the office of Energy Ministry of Georgia for covering price of electricity consumed by Kakheti Region population.

Subsidization of Agriculture Sector

Various projects in agriculture sector were financed by 24 055 069 million GEL from the Reserve Fund. More than 20 million GEL was spent on vintage and grapes processing. 11 055 069 GEL was spent on vintage promotion measures, while 9 million GEL was spent on grapes purchase-processing.

Agriculture projects management issues were financed by 3.5 million GEL from the Reserve  Fund, while the remaining 0.5million GEL was directed to citrus picking, namely, one kilogram of nonstandard mandarin was subsidized by 10 Tetri for physical bodies registered as citrus growers in Ajara Autonomous Republic.

Healthcare Sector

The Reserve Fund transferred 35 million GEL to Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection as part of the universal healthcare program.

Civil Equality Issues

The office of Georgian State Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality received 300 000 GEL from the 2016 reserve fund. Government has passed two decrees for transferring due sums.

One of the decrees, under which the office received 240 000 GEL, is not found in the Legislative Herald or on the Government website. The remaining 60 000 GEL were equally shared to the Vrastan and Gurjistan newspapers.

Other Services

Other services united those directions that could  not be assigned to other fields. This category comprises expenditures for registration and evaluation of privatization facilities, rental of secretariat of investors board and funds transferred to International Center of Education.