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Website to Track Anaklia Port Construction by Redberry

The website anakliadevelopment.com was created with the co-operation of the advertising agency “Redberry” and Anaklia Development Consortium.

Any interested person can track Anaklia Port goals and progress of construction through specially illustrated design. website gives full information about terms, completed and upcoming works.

”The idea of building and development of the Anaklia Deepwater Port serves to build a world class port in Georgia, which will acquire the largest road link between Europe and Asia. It will develop the port infrastructure and create new economic opportunities for the country. This is one of the biggest projects currently being implemented in Georgia.

Our task was to bring this story to digital people through the project, it can be ordinary citizens and journalists, or investors interested in the project. With this website, we have to tell the whole story about the project, its scale, technical characteristics and goals. We should be able to present its future benefits for a particular region as well as to the whole country and, most importantly, to provide complete information on the construction process, its phases and timeline, in such a convenient way that the process is not difficult or boring for users,”- said Lasha Lomouri, Product Designer, Digital Strategist of Redberry to Marketer.

Agency: Redberry • რედბერი
Client: ანაკლიის პორტი Anaklia Port

Digital Products Director: Basa Metreveli
Digital Products Art Director: Ane Erkomaishvili
Product Designer: Lasha Lomouri
UI/UX Designer: Samuel Muzaevi
Project Manager: Makhatadze Medea
Ilustrator: Eto Gzirishvili
Full Stack Developer: Soso Gvritishvili
Quality Assurance: Mari Vaqiashvili
Copywriter: Akaki Metreveli