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US Company to Build 50 MW PV Plant in Georgia

According to the memorandum of understanding (MoU), within a year, Headwall Power International will carry out a feasibility study in Gardabani region, western Georgia.

The company will prepare an environmental impact assessment report and submit a proposal for construction and operation of the future PV plant to the Ministry of Energy.

 “For several years, Georgian citizens have been dealing with problems regarding energy supply,” Georgia’s minister of Energy Kakha Kaladze said at the MoU signing ceremony last week. “Independent Georgia has never been independent in terms of energy. It is time for a revolutionary change in our energy sector. Sun, wind and water – these are the resources that we can use to their full potential, in order to develop safe and independent energy sector.”  

The PV plant in Gardabani region is expected to reach the capacity of 50 MW and generate 120 GWh annually. According to the Ministry of Energy, the project represents a total investment of US$120 million.

 As the 50 MW solar farm in Gardabani region is entering the project development stage, another PV plant is about to be powered in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. Local media report that a solar installation at the parking lot of the Tbilisi International airport will be finished within days. According to the original project outline, developed by Japan-based Oriental Consultants Global, the PV installation at the airport in Tbilisi is expected to have the capacity of 310 kW.