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Generic Drugs

Understanding Generic Drugs: Experts Don’t See any Danger

A generic drug is identical–or bioequivalent–to a brand name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.

The vast majority of prescription drugs sold in the U.S. – 86 percent –are generic and the recalls keep coming. As for the Georgia, 70 percent drugs, sold at pharmaceutical market are generic drugs. Although the Ministry has announced introduction of additional Generic drugs, which was due to increased prices of medicines.

“Generic drug is the basic substance of medicine, which then can be found by different names on the markets. For example antibiotic Ceftriaxone is a generic and different countries produces it with different names. For instance, in Georgia this antibiotic is imported from different countries with different names such as Rocephin, Cefamed, Cefta and Peo,” Dr. Miranda Solomonia says.

Particularly, we prescribe Generics, and notate the name of the drug, which depends on patients spending power. Drug prices differ, as people’s affordability.

I don’t pay any attention on producer country, because it does not determine the quality, however if patient has pathology which needs certain drug from certain country we prescribe high priced drugs. Indian drugs have gone through the quality control and are certified, consequently I have right to prescribe them and don’t see any danger.