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Turkey – Largest Importer of Cucumbers to Georgia

Cucumbers are on the second place among vegetable crops produced in Georgia.

The vegetable was included in the list of 21 priority products with high export potential presented by the Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia in the framework of the Ambassadorial held in Georgia. Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Imereti are the main cucumber producing regions. In 2010, Georgia produced 28,600 tons of cucumbers. In 2011, 25 500 tons of cucumbers, in 2012 – 38,700 tons, and in 2013 – 31,500 tons.

Georgia imports cucumbers mainly from Turkey. According to 2014 data, Turkey accounted for 98% of total imports of cucumbers and Iran – 2%.

Note:  Apart from cucumbers, nuts, blueberries, apples, tangerines, cherry, peach, persimmon, tomatos, onions, carrots, greens, potatoes, cattle meat, pork, poultry meat, fresh water fish, dairy products, honey, tea and wheat hit Georgia’s priority export products list.