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Photo/ Shermazana

Tourists’ Daily Expenses in Ajara Were 451.15 GEL on Average in 1Q16

The tourism department of the autonomous republic of Ajara has published a report of the third phase of the research work covering the January-March period of 2016. As part of the research work, 1000 foreign visitors were inquired at all customs checkpoints in Georgia, before leaving the country.

The research work has showed that in January-March the ratio of individual visitors to Ajara made up 42.7% and the ratio of group visitors made up 35.2%. A major part of them stay in the region for four days. Unlike two previous phases of the research work covering August-September and October-December periods, the amount spent by one tourist in the Region has increased to 451.15 GEL on average.

The third phase has also outlined that main objectives of tourists for visiting the Region has changed. They mainly arrive in Ajara for seeing sights, nature and landscapes (38.3%), friends (16.6%) and playing gambling games (12.5%). However, the ratio of gambling games in their activities in Ajara is only 0.32%, while the ratio of eco-tourism made up 59%, wine and gastronomic tourism – 26.80% and culture tourism – 14.74%.

Unlike the previous two phases, tourists who visited the Ajara Region in January-March faced major problems because of bad weather (1.36%) and traffic police  (1.13%).

Disordered infrastructure, high prices and expensive products at food facilities are also recorded among problems, but with small percentage, as well as service level and problems with communication in foreign language.

The August-September and October-December period recorded low-level services, expensive prices, traffic regulations and invaluable infrastructure as major problems.

In the third phase, like two previous phases, a major part of tourists  (51.7%) was content with holidays in the region and 95% of them expressed readiness to visit the Region repeatedly.


It should be noted that only 12% of inquired tourists had booked residential places in advance, while the remaining 88% had selected apartments after arrival in Ajara. In the ongoing research period, their main objective  was to see sights, nature and friends/relatives in the Ajara Region.

“The research results were analyzed due to all 10 target countries. The results, on the one hand, enable to determine which tourism products and potential to position in the process of planning PR and marketing campaigns in specific countries and which mechanisms to apply, as well as to outline what kind of problems tourists are facing when visiting the region and how to plan and implement their resolution mechanisms.

We continue examining foreign visitors and we will publish the 2016 final report after completion of the research process”, Mamuka Berdzenishvili, head of the Ajara Tourism Department, noted.

On average, tourist’s daily total costs constituted 451.15 GEL. It should be noted that expenses on food and drinks (average weighed on a tourist, per day) was about 192 GEL: – food and drinks (at restaurants, cafes and bars) 82.61 GEL – food and drinks (excluding restaurants, cafes and bars) – 109.87 GEL.