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Primary Health Care

Gio Khutsishvili: Today Health Care system Is One Of The Most Regulated Area

The Ministry of Health, made Primary health care reform as a priority. Aim of this reform is the disease prevention, early detection and reduction of the number of patients who fall into the second and third rim.

Singer Gio Khutsishvili comments on following reform and assesses current and planned actions towards Primary health care. 

“For the past 1 year, I was made to make two surgeries, both of them were financed by the Universal health care.  In addition, I permanently use a family doctor service and honestly, it is one of the most regulated areas of health care in recent years.
Also, I must say that the elimination of hepatitis C program is a great relief for many people. A few years ago I had this problem and I know how hard and expensive it is. Now when I look at my friends who have been diagnosed with hepatitis, I realize that the disease is spread as a flu around the country. disease is not only transmitted sexually or from needle. Several people around me are involved in this program and are being treated with a great hope “, Gio Khustsishvili says.

The thing I would like to change with the frames of primary health care reform is the very high prices of medicines. If the State or the health authorities have any leverage to change the situation for the benefit of people “- noted Gio Khutsishvili.
It should be noted that the primary level of health care reform is implemented together with the universal health care reform and Hepatitis C elimination program .Action Plan for the reform will be prepared for the end of October.