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Three Georgian Wine Centers Opened in China

Three Georgian wine centers were  simultaneously opened in China’s Xinjiang province: Georgian Wine Culture Exhibition Hall,  Georgian Wine Salon and  the Georgian Wine Club.

The Georgian wine culture exhibition hall is  located on 400 square meters where historical and cultural patterns of  Georgian wine, tasting and presentation materials are displayed to  increase Georgia’s  and Georgian wine’s awareness among  Chinese consumers. It should be noted that Khorgos is located on the China -Kazakhstan border and announced a free economic zone.

Georgian Wine Salon in Khorgos  is unique not only because the Georgian wine and culture are displayed here but also because  Chinese consumers can get acquainted with other Georgian products: honey, tea, water, Churchkhela, jam and  other. Facilities of similar types is the best way to popularize  Georgian wine and other agricultural products in China. By the end of the year another Georgian wine promotional facility is planned  to open in the main street of Urumqi, which interior is developed by well-known designers.