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The Vice President of Millennium Challenge Corporation Cynthia Huger Held her first Official Visit in Georgia

On August 21-24, the Vice President of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Cynthia Huger held her first official visit in Georgia. Ms Huger was introduced to the results and achievements of MCC’s Second $140 mln Compact to Georgia.

The Vice President of MCC, Cynthia Huger and the Prime Minister of Georgia, Mamuka Bakhtadze held a meeting on August 22 and discussed upcoming reforms in education sector, the projects implemented within the Second 140 million USD Compact of the MCC as well as future partnership between the Government of Georgia and the MCC.

Cynthia Huger, who is on her first international visit within her capacity as the Vice President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, stated that Georgia represents one of the most outstanding partners of the MCC. Ms. Huger elaborated that the MCC’s financial support has been allocated appropriately in educational projects. The parties stressed the importance of strengthening future partnership and discussed the prospects of Georgia becoming a regional leader in education sector.

The Rector of Tbilisi State University (TSU) Mr. Giorgi Sharvashidze hosted Cynthia Huger and Magda Magradze, CEO of MCA-Georgia to the university  on August 23 to visit San Diego State University’s new lab facilities funded by MCA-Georgia. The Labs were opened in 2017 for San Diego State University-Georgia’s students.

Ms. Huger visited Ilia State University as well, where she met the Rector, Giga Zedania and administration representatives. After that, she took a tour around the newly built 4,750 sq. m academic campus, which will be equipped with state-of-the art labs and technologies. The construction of the academic building was carried out within the framework of the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation $140 mln. Compact to Georgia.

On August 23, Ms. Huger visited the Railway Transport College which represents one of the Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia’s funded projects through the Industry-led Skills and Workforce Development project. The Director of Georgian Railway, Mr. Davit Peradze hosted the Vice President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Ms. Cynthia Huger on her visit to the Railway Transport College.

The Vice President of MCC met students and teachers in the newly rehabilitated learning facility. Davit Peradze and Cynthia Huger discussed prospects of future partnership. Both parties noted that the Railway Transport College is yet another advancement in education sector strengthening the education system within the country.

At the end of her visit to Georgia, Ms. Huger attended closing ceremony of Girls International Camp “Women in Science” which was held at Tbilisi City Assembly Hall.

The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Mr. Mikheil Batiashvili, the Vice President of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Ms. Cynthia Huger, the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia, Ms. Magda Magradze and the Chargé d’affaires of the U.S. Embassy Ms. Elizabeth Rood greeted the guests at the closing ceremony.

Within the joint initiative of the Secretary’s Office of Global Partnership and UN Foundation program “Girl Up”, in 2018 for the first time in Georgia, girls’ international camp “Women in Science” (WiSci Georgia) has taken place. The project has been funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the U.S. Embassy in Georgia as well as representatives from private sector companies such as Intel, Google, Microsoft and American Society for Microbiology.

In September, visit of high-level MCC delegation is planned, which will further extend the collaboration between two countries. Within the 140 million USD Compact, the Millennium Challenge Account-Georgia has been implementing general and tertiary education projects, which contribute to strengthening human capital in STEM fields, as well as extensive school rehabilitation projects and Training Educators for Excellence project. Moreover, the MCA-Georgia brought the San Diego State University to Georgia which offers U.S. accredited Bachelor’s Degree programs promoting human capital development in prioritized fields of the country economy.